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My fees

The fee for a fifty minute session is between 50 - 70. Some reduced session fees are occasionally available for those on low incomes or on benefits.

An invoice is provided at the end of each month. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Cheques payable to Tricia Worthington.

For my own and my clients' protection I have professional indemnity insurance. Please note that this link will open in a new window.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation may last for up to an hour and fifteen minutes, for which the charge is my standard rate. If we agree to work together I will ask you to commit to the minimum of six sessions, after which the work will be reviewed. The review will clarify progress and identify further work. A further contract will be agreed once your particular needs have been identified.

I strongly believe in the importance of the relationship between the therapist and the client and in finding the most appropriate way of working with an individual.

Attendance at Sessions

Attendance is normally weekly unless we have agreed another arrangement. It is important that you arrive on time as I cannot extend the length of the session.

Cancellations, Lateness and Holidays

Your therapy time is reserved for you; therefore missed and cancelled sessions will be charged for. However if you give me seven days notice I will always try to reschedule another session at a time that suits us both. If you are late the session will finish at the agreed time.

If I have to cancel a session I will not expect you to pay for it and if possible I will offer you another. If I am late I will make up the time or reimburse you accordingly. When taking a holiday I will give you plenty of notice and would ask you to advise me in good time if you are going away.

Ending Therapy

It is important that therapy feels finished and complete and we work through an ending together. I expect short-term clients to give at least one week’s notice of ending so that we can round off and say good-bye. With long-term work good practice is to take a month for every year spent in therapy.


I am bound by the UKCP professional code of ethics regarding good practice, which requires all sessions to be strictly confidential. The only exceptions are: a) if I require supervision for my professional development, in which case I restrict personal information about clients to the minimum; b) if I am required to take action should I believe you are in danger of harming yourself or someone else. In this event I would normally expect to talk through any proposed action with you before taking it.


To get in touch, you can contact me by telephone on 07962 892060 or by email at tricia@bristol-psychotherapycounselling.co.uk.

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